Get TalkTalk's new WiFi hub with one of their low price broadband deals!

TalkTalk WiFi Hub

TalkTalk's low-price offers on broadband are now even better with their new WiFi Hub.

The WiFi Hub, worth £120, can be selected at the point of purchase instead of the current TalkTalk Super Router. It offers several improvements over the older model, including: 

  • Simple set up - the hub comes pre-configured, so you only need to plug it in and switch it and you're good to go
  • Twice as fast - the WiFi connection on the new hub is twice as fast as the Super Router
  • Connect more devices - the Super Router allowed you to connect 1-4 devices, this has been increased to up to 9 devices on the WiFi Hub
  • Stable connection - the hub uses advanced technology that helps break through interference, making the connection more stable throughout the home
  • Smart WiFi - the hub recognises connected devices and adjust the signal to give them the best speeds for their needs

Of course, you'll be wanting a broadband package to go along with this fantastic WiFi Hub, and TalkTalk have some great offers on right now. Sign up before the end of the 13th of July and get a TalkTalk fibre deal from just £22.50 a month on an 18 month contract! Your chosen package will come with:

  • Fast, totally unlimited broadband with speeds with speeds averaging at 35Mb, or 63Mb* if it's available in your area
  • Guaranteed fixed price for the full 18 month contract
  • FREE activation when you sign up online
  • Phone packages are available on all deals with the option to add mobile calls for just £7.50 a month

If fibre isn't available in your area yet you can still get TalkTalk's standard Fast Broadband package. For just £17 a month on a 12 month contract you can get speeds that average at 11Mb* along with the other features available with fibre packages.

You could also throw a TV package into the bundle, as TalkTalk offer TV options* with all their broadband packages. You'll get the benefits that come with broadband, along with:

  • 80+ Freeview channels, with 15 in HD
  • On Demand, including iPlayer, ITV Player and All4
  • Rent the latest blockbuster movies from only £4
  • TV Select, with 15 of the nation's favourite channels, including 6 Sky channels
  • Personalise your package by adding extra channels like Kids TV, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports on a flexible one month contract

Or you can go with TalkTalk's TV Plus package* and get extra features, such as:

  • Record up to 180 hours of live TV
  • 7 Day catch-up
  • 30 extra entertainment channels

If you're already a TalkTalk customer, you can still upgrade to a Fibre package or add a TV package easily!

Interested? Head on over to TalkTalk to get started!

* Broadband speed will vary depending on your location (your exact speed estimate will be given at point of sale). Use our postcode checker to find what speeds are available in your area. TalkTalk TV or TV Plus box required, cost £25. You need to connect your TalkTalk TV Box to the internet and your TV aerial. Offer ends 2018-07-13.

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