Gigaclear Ultrafast 300 with Smart WiFi + Sky TV

Averages 300Mb download speed



Special Offer: 18 months reduced price + Sky Ultimate TV package + Smart WiFi with additional WiFi node to cover a typical 3-bedroom property + Free AC-rated wireless router!
Sky TV requires the installation of a satellite dish, use code TEAMTV at checkout to apply offer

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Speed Usage Contract Setup 1st Year Cost

£59.00 for the first 18 months

£76.00 thereafter

Use code TEAMTV at checkout
Sky TV price may change during this period

truly unlimited 18
£20.00 £728


  • £20.00 total setup cost
    £20.00 activation fee (NB, 5% of customers may also need to pay £120 installation, subject to no obligation site survey), no delivery charges

  • Averages 300Mb download speed
    Averages 300Mb upload speed
    Your provider should give speed estimates before you sign up
    Average Speed is the speed achieved by 50% of customers on the same product during peak hours of 8pm to 10pm

  • £728.00 first year cost
    (no telephone line required)

  • Truly unlimited download/upload allowance

  • Minimum contract 18 months
    Price guaranteed to stay the same for the agreed contract length, you should be notified in advance of any changes to the advertised price after this

  • Smart WiFi, your Gigaclear powered by Linksys router supports mesh network technology and will come with an additional WiFi node to cover a typical 3-bedroom property and can be upgraded to up to an additional 2 notes to cover bigger homes. All nodes are part of the same wireless network with the same SSID and password

  • Gigaclear powered by Linksys AC-rated Wireless Router, the Gigaclear powered by Linksys wireless router is AC-rated and designed specifically for Fibre-to-the-Home connections. It comes with an easy to use app to manage your network and has the option to add additional nodes to increase wireless coverage and performance throughout your home

  • Sky Ultimate TV package, Gigaclear have teamed up with Sky TV to bring the ultimate in top entertainment with a £26 per month total saving across broadband and TV - offer valid until 18th December 2020 - After you've completed your order for Gigaclear broadband using code TEAMTV, you'll receive discount link to sign up the Sky Ultimate TV package (with Sky Q box as standard) + Netflix at the lower bundle price. Satellite dish installation may be required. Sky TV price may change during this period. See Gigaclear landing page for further details.

About Gigaclear

  • Ultrafast rural broadband
  • Faster than most competitors, with speeds ranging from 30Mb to 900Mb
  • Symmetric service offering upload speeds matching your download
  • Smart WiFi with additional WiFi node as standard on faster products
  • Guaranteed prices for 18 months
  • No need for a landline
  • Free 24/7 customer support over the phone

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Reasons to choose Gigaclear

  • Ultrafast broadband - few providers in the UK can match Gigaclear's fastest offering
  • Slower options available - if you don't need 900Mb, there are slower (and cheaper) options available
  • Guaranteed price - your monthly price is guaranteed for the length of the minimum contract term
  • Mesh network Smart WiFi - The faster tier Ultrafast 300 and Hyperfast 900 products come with Smart WiFi with an additional mesh network WiFi node as standard
  • Speeds should be as advertised - as a fibre-to-the-home service, the real world speeds should come close to matching the advertised rate
  • Fast rural access - Gigaclear is considerably faster than most other rural providers
  • Very impressive upload speeds - the upload speeds match the download speeds: that's 900Mb on the fastest package!
  • Free customer support - support is available by phone 24 hours a day
  • No landline needed - you don't need a landline to sign up for Gigaclear
  • Customer satisfaction - Gigaclear are rated by their customers among the very best for speed, satisfaction, service and reliability

Possible downsides

  • Very limited coverage - Gigaclear is only available to around 65,000 homes (although the target is over 300,000 by the end of 2021)
  • Complex installation - installation involves a lot more than just plugging in a cable, and is expensive for the 5% of customers who don't qualify for standard install
  • More expensive than rivals - although the service is likely to be faster than its rivals, it's also likely to be more expensive
  • No short contracts - the minimum contract is 18 months on all packages, with one month's notice when you leave

Gigaclear details last checked on 2020-11-25