NOW Broadband Buyers Guide

TV packages and unlimited standard and superfast broadband without a contract

  • Fibre broadband services available, average speeds 36Mb and 63Mb
  • Choose from Entertainment, Kids, Sky Cinema and Sky Sports TV memberships
  • Range of call plans available
  • All offers available with no contract for just £60 extra one off cost





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NOW Broadband Superfast Fibre
£23.00 for 24 months
£53.00 thereafter

£5.00 upfront cost

  • 24 months better than half price!
  • 63Mb average download speed
  • 18Mb average upload speed!
  • Truly unlimited usage
  • New broadband customers only
  • Only pay for the calls you use
  • No activation fee
  • 24 month contract


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Details last checked on 2024-06-06

Reasons to choose NOW Broadband

  • No contract - Standard and fibre broadband packages are all available without a contract. You'll need to pay a set up fee, but can cancel at any time. It's great for students or anyone with a short tenancy agreement.
  • Cheap TV bundles - NOW Broadband offers a range of TV packages including Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. You'll make a saving if you buy them in a bundle with NOW Broadband.
  • Fibre packages available - NOW Broadband has fibre packages with average speeds of 36Mb and 63Mb.
  • Truly unlimited broadband - All the broadband deals are unlimited, so you can download as much data per month as you like.
  • Free NOW Broadband Hub Two - Fast wireless router included free for all users. Get a cheap Smart TV Stick as part of a TV bundle, too.
  • Smartphone and tablet support - You can add up to four phones or tablets for your TV plan, and watch on two simultaneously.
  • Easy switching from other providers - If you're currently with BT, Plusnet, EE or TalkTalk, the NOW team will handle the whole switchover process for you.

Possible downsides

  • Online tech support - NOW Broadband is predominantly an online service, so your options for customer support are more limited than other providers.
  • Connection fees apply - A one-off setup fee applies to new customers, and is higher on the no-contract option.
  • There may be cheaper options available - While the flexibility of no contracts is a big deal, it does come at a price. Both broadband and TV services from NOW Broadband are a little more expensive than you might pay if you're willing to enter into a contract with another provider.
  • Mid-contract price rises - NOW may increase your contract price by a flat rate in the Summer of each year. In 2023 this was £3.50.





Features at a glance

  • Average download speeds of 10Mb on standard broadband, 36Mb or 63Mb on fibre broadband

  • 12 month contract, 1 month contract available

  • Truly unlimited on all packages

  • £9.99 delivery fee for all deals, £15 activation on a 12 month contract or £60 for 1 month rolling contracts

  • Online technical support between 7am and 11pm

  • Free Broadband Buddy internet protection with a site filter

  • Free N-rated NOW Broadband Hub will all deals

  • NOW memberships available

  • Only pay for the calls you use, inclusive call packages available

  • NOW Broadband have published a Traffic Management Policy

1.7 stars
  satisfaction rating based on 259 customer ratings since 2023-07-18. See more NOW Broadband customer ratings and reviews.

Customer Reviews

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Below are all the reviews we've received for NOW Broadband.

Customer Ratings Summary

  • Satisfaction
    1.7 stars
  • Customer Service
    1.8 stars
  • Speed
    2 stars
  • Reliability
    1.9 stars

Based on 259 customer ratings since 2023-07-18

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Ratings are left by users of our speed test as well as by reviewers. Recent star ratings summarise the last 12 months of ratings or the last 100 placed, whichever is largest.

Reviewer Location Reviewing Date Ratings
Now broadband powered by Sky is the worst provider I have ever used.
Between Nowtv and Sky there is no communication, I can't even find my account never mind complain about the diabolical service.
Yet another case sign you up and then forget you, until they want the early cancellation fees.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Exmouth, Devon NOW Broadband  
Only had Now broadband for a couple of months but it’s weak signal in the house, keeps dropping out. Very poor, will get rid when deal is up !!
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Kirkby in Ashfield NOW Broadband  
NOW seem to not exist for new customers any more? Via comparison sites or directly trying to sign up to one of their apparent 'packages' does NOT work for any of them. Just get e.g. 'technical difficulties' 'try again later'et-al; phoned NOW no. and they said comparison site was a 'fake website' and that 'we are not selling broadband' this was days ago; nothings worked since? All very strange, time-wasting, disconcerting etc. But hey this is the UK; no one cares; about scams or fraud or anything!
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
NI NOW Broadband  
Signed up with Now Broadband because they had the least expensive service that would retain my phone number (other cheaper deals with internet phone would not retain number).
Everything seemed OK until I got an email from a hospital saying that they couldn't get through to my phone. Phone seemed OK in that it had a dial tone. Called my number from another phone and just got a humming noise.
Called Now to report the fault. They said they'd secretly changed my number without telling me and against my wishes!
The nightmare is still going on over a month later and still not resolved. Currently got TalkTalk trying to sort it out and get compensation from Now.
Appalling company. Don't use Now!
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    2 stars
  • Reliability
    2 stars
Gloucestershire NOW Broadband  
Absolute tripe. The worst broadband service I've ever had. Internet drops regularly for various lengths of time, often at night when we're using it most. Company doubled our bill without telling us, when the price we thought we were paying was still too much for this awful service. Terrible WiFi, terrible service, avoid at all costs.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Renfrewshire NOW Broadband  
AVOID AT ALL COSTS> Worst customer service I've ever encountered.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Cornwall NOW Broadband  
Worst provider i have ever used, available speed of 5mbs keep trying to send open reach whom have allready confirmed line is fine and provider appears to be slowing down line speed at router would give 0 stars if able to
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Bangor wales NOW Broadband  
The Go Live date was a week ago but still no internet connection. Two emailed complaints have gone unanswered. Two phone calls were pointless: unable to explain what the issue is. Useless.
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
Wrexham NOW Broadband  
It’s been absolute rubbish since I’ve had it. Got talked in to a so called better deal but it’s worse. I can’t wait to get rid
  • Satisfaction
    1 star
  • Customer Service
    1 star
  • Speed
    1 star
  • Reliability
    1 star
Cardiff NOW Broadband  
It is an absolutely terrible service, not worth a penny per month at all, movies on Netflix cannot be watched as the Internet is too slow to keep up with the movie, the customer service is extremely poor, you never get a call back when promised, when any issue is esceleated you are told that it will be looked into.
Rotherham NOW Broadband  


The reviews published on this page are those of the individual authors who have warrantied that they abide by our review guidelines. Reviews are not the opinion of

Hands typing on a laptop

7 myths about UK broadband busted

Posted by Andy Betts on in FeaturesCuckooVirgin MediaNOW BroadbandBTSkyVodafoneTalkTalk

There are so many well established ideas about broadband and switching broadband providers that get repeated again and again.

The trouble is, many of them are wrong - and they're costing you money.

Switching suppliers can easily save you a hundred pounds or more every year, and if you're stuck on a slow internet package when you need something much faster, it doesn't have to cost you a fortune to upgrade.

So here are some of the biggest myths about broadband, and the truth that you need to know.

"Fibre is fibre - all fibre broadband is the same"

While fibre broadband is used as a catch-all term, it encompasses very different things.

Most of us are using something called fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband. This is where the ultrafast fibre cables carry your broadband signal as far as your nearest street cabinet - that green box down the end of your road. The connection from the cabinet to you house is over the old copper telephone cables. These are a lot slower, and the signal degrades the further it has to travel, which is why a house on one of the street can get very different performance levels to one at the other end.

There's now a big push to roll out "full fibre" broadband, which is also known as fibre-to-the-home. Here, the fibre cables run right up to your house. The result is that the speeds are much, much faster and the service is more reliable.

"There's no benefit to upgrading to ultrafast broadband"

A recent survey found that one of the main things that stopped people from upgrading to ultrafast or full fibre broadband was the belief that it didn't really offer any benefits. But there are many.

The main one, obviously, is that you get much faster download speeds. Our internet use is skyrocketing - Ofcom's recent Communications Market Report shows that the average household now burns through 429GB of data each month, an increase of 36% on the previous year. Even if you think you don't need faster speeds right now, you will do soon.

On top of that, you get vastly quicker upload speeds, which will be essential if the working from home revolution continues. The service should be more reliable, too, as you won't have to deal with line faults on the old telephone cables.

And it's also better value for money: currently, you pay the same price for your broadband as your neighbour down the street, yet you could be receiving a much slower service. That's far less of an issue with full fibre.

"It's too much hassle to switch providers"

By now it's well established that those of us who are willing to switch providers will get a better and cheaper deal than those who stick with the same provider for a long time.

Why don't more people switch? Because it's seen as too much hassle. But it really isn't.

If you move between two providers on the Openreach network - which includes almost all the main providers, including BT, TalkTalk, Sky, Vodafone, Plusnet and so on - then the one you are moving to will handle the entire switchover process for you. You won't have to do anything, and the whole process should be done within a couple of weeks.

Granted, it is a little more complicated to switch to or from a provider that uses a different infrastructure, like Virgin Media, as you may need an engineer to come and install it. But these companies are now set up to make even this part as easy as possible.

"You'll lose internet access when you switch"

Another reason people are reluctant to switch is that they assume they'll be left without internet access while it happens. This is another myth.

Generally speaking, your old service gets turned off as your new service gets switched on and you might be disconnected for a few minutes in between, but nothing more dramatic than that. If you're switching to or from Virgin Media, you can even arrange an overlap where your new service is connected before your old one is turned off.

"You always have to sign a long contract"

Something that puts off a lot of people when they're looking at broadband deals is the prospect of having to commit to a long contract.

In fact, you don't have to. NOW Broadband, Virgin Media, and newcomer Cuckoo are among the providers that offer no-contract deals. You have to pay a little more on the activation fee up front, but this might be worth it for the flexibility of being able to cancel at any time. These deals can be especially worth it for students or anyone who's planning to move house in the near future.

Most suppliers offer 12 month contract options as well. And keep in mind that if your reluctance to sign a long deal is through the worry that you'll be stuck with something you aren't happy with, then there are ways you can quit a contract without charge. If your broadband speed constantly underperforms, for example, and your supplier cannot fix it, or if they put your prices up by more than the amount in agreed in your contract.

"It's too complicated to find a better deal"

There are a lot broadband suppliers in the UK, and they offer a lot of deals between them. Trying to figure out the differences can be tricky, especially if you aren't that tech savvy.

But it needn't be that complicated. We make it easy for you to compare all the latest broadband deals, and you can filter them based on whatever you want most. So, you can see the cheapest deals, or the fastest deals, or just the fibre packages, or those that offer broadband without a contract.

And if you then sort them further by speed or first year cost, you'll very quickly narrow your list of options down to just a few packages.

"Faster broadband always costs more"

While it's natural to assume that upgrading to faster broadband will cost you more, it isn't necessarily so.

If you're in a coverage area, you can get full fibre from Hyperoptic (at the slower 30Mb speed) at a rate normally reserved for the old, standard broadband deals; you can upgrade to a faster 67Mb plan from OneStream for just £22.50 a month; or you can burst through the 100Mb barrier with Vodafone for just £26 a month. These are some pretty keen prices, that make faster broadband more accessible than you might have expected.

So, now you know the truth about broadband and how to upgrade, are you ready to start shopping? Use our postcode checker to discover the best broadband deals available where you live.


Man with laptop on the phone

Broadband providers still need to improve support for vulnerable customers

Posted by Andy Betts on in FeaturesEEBTPlusnetOnestreamSSEHyperopticTalkTalkVodafoneVirgin MediaNOW BroadbandSkyJohn LewisShell EnergyCommunity FibreKCOMZen

We've all got horror stories about bad customer service. But it's people with health, financial or emotional problems that are still having the most inconsistent experiences when they contact their broadband provider's customer service team.

That's the big finding from research by Ofcom, which looked at the progress the industry has made since the watchdog last year published its guidelines for treating vulnerable customers fairly.

They found that while some users received extra support due to their circumstances, and others reported positive experiences despite the provider not knowing about their vulnerability, the overall service was still patchy.

It suggested that people's experiences were heavily dependent on the member of staff they spoke to, with no guarantee they would get to deal with the same person twice.

It suggests there's still plenty of room for improvement in the training of customer support teams.

What makes a customer vulnerable?

Vulnerabilities come in many forms. They include physical and mental health problems, debt or unemployment, bereavement, or even becoming a victim of crime.

Unsurprisingly, the number of vulnerable customers has increased during the pandemic and its subsequent economic fallout.

While Ofcom rules require all providers to have policies in place for helping vulnerable customers, it isn't always easy for them to automatically tell if someone needs extra support. If you regard yourself as being in a vulnerable group, or if your circumstances have recently changed (you might have lost your job, for example), you should contact your broadband supplier and let them know.

They'll add that information to your account, and it should inform any relevant future interactions you have with them.

What kind of support can you get?

With the definition of vulnerable being quite broad and varied, the types of support you can get are also broad and varied.

  • You should have access to a range of communications channels to speak to customer support. This could include text relay services or support in different languages.
  • You should be given the time to get help, support and advice on managing debts without the threat of enforcement action.
  • Providers could consider giving you a payment holiday to help you manage cashflow issues.
  • Providers should give you information and advice on tariffs to ensure you don't end up paying more than you should. Vulnerable people are the most likely to remain on expensive out-of-contract deals.
  • Broadband providers should regard disconnection as a last resort.

Broadband providers' vulnerability policies

Ofcom's guidance expects a number of things from broadband suppliers. They should train their staff to be able to recognise the characteristics, behaviours and verbal cues of someone who might be vulnerable, so they can be proactive in offering support. They should identify vulnerable customers and record their needs. And they should make all of their customers aware of the kinds of support and services that they offer.

Many providers publish vulnerability policies. Some have specific support teams in place for vulnerable customers, and some make it easy for you to register your vulnerable status with them. This information will be treated in confidence, and is subject to all the usual data protection legislation.

Here are the relevant pages for many of the leading providers:

Some of the things you can expect include ways to improve access to support via text relay and NGT services or braille guides; simple instructions on using accessibility services like subtitles on TV; and specific policies and help for dealing with financial issues. Naturally, what's promised and what's delivered are not always the same thing, so check our user reviews to see our customers' experiences of their providers' tech support.

If you want to read the full Ofcom report, click here. Or if you want to compare the best broadband deals in your area today, use our postcode search tool to get started.


NOW Broadband Buyers Guide - Is NOW Broadband right for you?

Can I get NOW Broadband?

NOW Broadband runs on Sky's own broadband network, which has very wide availability across the UK.

Sky's network region covers major cities, towns, and rural areas, and it's mostly only remote regions that aren't supported. In all, standard broadband is available to more than 90% of UK homes, and fibre to approaching 95%. You can use our postcode checker to find out if NOW Broadband is available where you are.

Even if you aren't within the network area you can still get TV memberships from NOW. You only need a fast broadband connection (from any provider) to use one of the NOW memberships.

What packages are available?

NOW Broadband is owned by Sky, and offers a similar range of standard and fibre broadband packages. You can also add calls and TV services to your deal.

The three main packages are:

  • Brilliant Broadband - a standard broadband service with average speeds of 11Mb
  • Fab Fibre - the entry-level fibre offering, with average speeds of 36Mb
  • Super Fibre - the fastest fibre package, delivering average speeds of 63Mb

The standout feature of all these deals is that you can get them on either a 12-month contract, or on a 30-day rolling deal with no long-term obligations. The monthly price is the same whichever length you choose, although you do have to pay a connection fee of £60 if you go for the shorter option.

If you choose the 30-day deal you're free to cancel at any time. Just give notice before your next payment is due. If you choose the 12-month deal - known as the Saver Plan - you will be committed to remaining on your plan for the full year (or pay a termination fee should you want to leave early).

The packages are all unlimited, meaning you can download as much as you like each month without any restrictions. Line rental is included, and there's no option to buy without a phone line. 

You can add a range of call packages, including deals that give you weekend or Anytime calls. There's also options to take broadband and TV as part of a bundle, or you can sign up for your optional TV services separately.

What TV deals are available through NOW?

NOW is a streaming service that offers a near complete Sky TV package without contract or satellite dish.

As a full streaming service you need fast broadband to get the most out of NOW. You can get this as part of a NOW Broadband bundle, add it separately after you've signed up to NOW Broadband, or just sign up for it even if you use another provider.

To watch it you get a NOW Smart Stick or box to plug into your television, which you might get for free as part of a broadband bundle. They let you pause and rewind live TV shows, but not record them. The devices do support apps, which you can use for on demand viewing including on Netflix. You need to use your normal TV tuner to watch the Freeview channels.

Most importantly, NOW memberships do not come with a contract. You pay for one month at a time, and can cancel whenever you want. It also offers a free 7 day trial.

There are five NOW memberships to choose from, each offering a different set of channels:

  • Entertainment: 11 premium entertainment channels including Sky One and Fox. It's also the only way to get Sky Atlantic without a dish.
  • Sky Cinema: the full set of Sky Cinema channels along with 1000 movies on demand.
  • Kids: six extra channels and thousands of episodes of TV on demand.
  • Sky Sports: all the Sky Sports channels. You can sign up for day, week, month or mobile-only memberships. This is ideal if only want to watch specific events.
  • Hayu: a channel dedicated to US reality TV shows.

NOW is the best way to get the full set of Sky channels without a contract. It is more expensive than going with Sky, but you only pay for what you want when you want it. In particular, this means you can get the Sky Sports channels without signing up to an additional Entertainment bundle, which you have to do if you go with Sky. It also means you can cancel to save money when the football season ends, or when your favourite TV series finishes.

Which package should I choose?

With the similarities between all the packages, the main choice is what speed you need.

The Brilliant Broadband package is likely to be good enough for smaller households, or those with more modest requirements. It'll be fine for one user watching Netflix or making large downloads, but may be too slow for several users doing the same thing together.

For larger households, where someone is always streaming, downloading or gaming, the faster Fab Fibre or Super Fibre packages are better for making sure no-one experiences any slowdown.

The no-contract option makes NOW Broadband an ideal choice for students who might only need the service for nine or ten months in the year. If you do choose the 12 month contract instead it reduces the one-off set up fee significantly, but the monthly prices remain the same. In either case you can change or cancel your TV memberships whenever you like.

Points to consider before you choose

  • How many people will be using your broadband for streaming, downloading and gaming?
  • Are you a student, or do you live in short lease accommodation?
  • Do you want premium TV channels without a long-term commitment?
  • Do you want to watch TV on your phone or tablet?
  • Do you make a lot of landline calls?
Compare all NOW Broadband packages

What do I get when I sign up?

It's good to know what else is included in the deal, so you can budget for any extras you might need.

  • NOW Broadband Hub Two - Every broadband package comes with a free AC-rated wireless router.
  • NOW TV Smart Box - Choose a NOW membership and you'll also get a free or cheap Smart Box for streaming your new TV channels. It sits below your TV and comes with a remote control.
  • Broadband Buddy - This basic security package enables you to activate parental controls, and also helps protect against malware-infected sites (but is not a replacement for anti-virus software).
  • Customer support - NOW Broadband is an online-only service, so customer is available via the internet through live chat.
  • Mobile device access - You can register up to four other devices, including tablets and smartphones, to use for watching your NOW Membership. You can watch on two devices at the same time.

What are the benefits of NOW Broadband?

What are the main reasons you should consider buying broadband from NOW Broadband?

  • No contract - The one-month rolling deals make NOW Broadband ideal for students or anyone else who is either unwililng or unable to sign up to a long-term commitment with their broadband supplier.
  • Commitment-free TV - Want to watch Game of Thrones or live Premier League football? NOW lets you do that without being tied in for a year or more. NOW is also the only way to watch Sky Atlantic without a full Sky package (it isn't available through Virgin Media).
  • Unlimited usage - There are no download or speed limits on any of the NOW Broadband packages.
  • Fast uploads - Upload speeds on the fastest Super Fibre deal are 18Mb average speed, which is better than many rival providers.

What are the drawbacks to NOW Broadband?

What possible downsides should you be aware of before you sign up?

  • Set up fee - While it's great to be able to sign up to a no-contract deal, this does come with an activation fee of around £60. Make note of this, as it adds to your upfront cost.
  • TV can be more expensive - The biggest selling point of NOW is the lack of contracts. If you're happy to sign a contract you might find a Sky Broadband-with-TV bundle works out cheaper. There are also other ways to save money on pay TV.
  • Online tech support - The tech customer service options for NOW Broadband are limited. You'll mostly be required to go online for support.
  • Mid-contract price rises - NOW may increase your contract price by a flat rate in the Summer of each year. In 2023 this was £3.50.