TalkTalk Fibre 65

Averages 77Mb download speed

Special offer: 18 months reduced price!
Add anytime UK landline and mobile calls for £7 a month!

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Speed Usage Contract Setup 1st Year Cost

£26.00 for the first 18 months

£29.95 thereafter

Prices may change during contract
Offer for new customers only

Truly unlimited 18
£4.95 £317


  • £4.95 total setup cost
    £4.95 activation fee, no delivery charges

  • Averages 77Mb download speed
    Averages 18Mb upload speed
    Your provider should give speed estimates before you sign up
    Average Speed is the speed achieved by 50% of customers on the same product during peak hours of 8pm to 10pm

  • £316.95 first year cost

  • Truly unlimited download/upload allowance

  • Minimum contract 18 months
    Annual CPI plus 3.7% price rises may apply - prices for broadband and any addons may increase with the Consumer Price Index plus 3.7% in April and then annually each April onwards

  • Telephone line must be switched to TalkTalk, line rental included in the monthly cost

  • Wifi Hub, 802.11ac wireless protocol gives faster connections at longer distances, TalkTalk's strongest, fastest, most reliable Wi-Fi signal ever

  • Only pay for the calls you use

  • Free technical and customer support

  • Anti-virus protection powered by F-secure for 8 devices and Homesafe award-winning website filter for any device connected to your home Wi-Fi

Only pay for the calls you use Call Plan

No connection fee on standard UK and international landlines or mobile calls. Includes 180 minutes of inclusive calls to other TalkTalk customers. You can hang up and redial to avoid being charged at the standard rate. 084,087,09 and 118 numbers will have an access charge of 12.5p per minute, extra service charges may apply dependent on who you are calling.

Period Local Calls National Calls Mobile Calls 0845 Calls 0870 Calls Freephone Calls
Standard rates 21p/min 21p/min 21p/min 12.5p/min 12.5p/min Free

About TalkTalk

  • Committed to offering the most competitive prices and promotions
  • Truly unlimited usage on all products
  • Fibre broadband with speeds averaging 36Mb or 63Mb with Speed Boost
  • Range of phone and TV inclusive options available
  • Wide range of boosts that allow you to customise your package
  • Home Move Service helps you move broadband when moving house

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Reasons to choose TalkTalk

  • Affordable - some of the cheapest broadband prices from the UK’s largest low-cost area network coverage ISP
  • Truly unlimited - no usage caps and no traffic management at peak times
  • Same benefits for existing customers - unlike many providers, TalkTalk offers the same packages to both existing and new customers
  • Fibre packages - 38Mb average download speed is available as standard, or you can upgrade to a package averaging 67Mb for an extra £5 if it's available in your area
  • Range of phone options - only pay for what you use, or use boosts to add inclusive calling
  • TV services available - affordable alternative to cable and satellite TV with more to offer than Freeview. TV Plus now also includes 30 premium channels as standard, including; Sky One & Two, FOX and Sky Sports News
  • All broadband products come with the award winning Wi-Fi Hub, and you also get one if you upgrade from a standard to fibre package
  • Home Move service - moving house made easy by using TalkTalk's handy service
  • Great Connection Guarantee - you can leave TalkTalk within your first 30 days if you aren't happy with the service

Possible downsides

  • Only available in TalkTalk network areas - use our postcode checker to see if you're covered
  • No standalone broadband available - you have to switch your phone package to TalkTalk. This may be a hassle for some, though others may find combining the bills for everything to be useful
  • No short fibre deals - you can only get TalkTalk fibre on an 18 month contract
  • Complaint levels - Ofcom figures show TalkTalk have customer complaint levels significantly above the industry average
  • Annual CPI increase - prices for broadband (and any other addons, such as line, call plans and call charges) increase by the Consumer Price Index in April of each year plus 3.7%, and then each April onwards

TalkTalk details last checked on 2024-04-25