Broadband and Energy Bundles

While many of us are familiar with broadband being bundled with other telecoms services like landline phone, mobile phones and TV, there are actually other services you might not expect to be bundled together. Probably the next most common one is bundling broadband with your energy supply.

What is energy?

For most people their energy supply will be a mixture of electricity and gas, most often bundled together from the same supplier.

If you aren't on the gas network then your energy supply will be just electricity or you may have oil or LPG for your heating.

Why consider a bundle?

The three main reasons most often cited for bundling are price, convenience and customer service.

Is it cheaper?

You might think that it would be cheaper to buy all your services from one supplier, and in some cases this might be true. In our experience though the one area that this is often not the case is when bundling your broadband and energy, and it’s often the energy side of it that is less competitive.</p?

The energy marketplace is incredibly competitive in the UK with a wide variety of suppliers to choose from meaning that you’ll likely make a much bigger saving looking for a cheap energy supplier who specialises solely in energy.

Is it more convenient?

Having just one supplier for both broadband and energy will add a tiny bit of convenience in that it’s just one monthly bill rather than multiple ones, but with most people paying by Direct Debit it’s not really much of a hassle.

So really for the amount of money that can be saved by not bundling then it’s most likely not worth the price for the small amount of convenience.

Is the customer service better?

Let’s face it, in most cases neither broadband suppliers or energy suppliers are renowned for brilliant customer service.

Yes, there are some exceptions to this rule, but it’s probably not going to be a deal breaker, at the end of the day how often are you going to be calling up with an energy and a broadband issue at the same time?

Which suppliers sell broadband and energy together?

In our panel of suppliers the following at the time of publication offer broadband and energy bundles:

Shell Energy

These suppliers don’t force you to have both energy and broadband together but if you already have energy from them you might find you get additional savings by taking on their broadband.

Alternatively you might find they are the right broadband supplier for you but an alternative supplier is better for your energy and this is also fine.

What would you recommend?

In our experience we find that for most people it works out best to source your broadband and energy supply individually.

Sourcing individually will in most cases get you the best broadband supply and best energy supply at the best overall price.

Where should I look for the best energy deals?

We have partnered with Homebox who specialise in finding the best energy deals across the UK.

Simply go to our energy checker, enter your details and find the right energy deal for you.

Alternatively you could check out who specialise in cheap energy. If you can’t find the right deal for you from these resources then a quick search on Google will bring up many suppliers and comparison sites to investigate as well.

Is there anything else to consider?

While we appreciate that for many people cost will be one of the key factors in deciding which energy supplier to choose, we'd just like to mention the importance of green energy.

We believe that to help preserve our planet and environment for future generations we need to collectively reduce our carbon emissions.

Therefore we’d encourage you to at the very least consider switching to a supplier who uses renewable energy sources, these deals are not as expensive as you might fear and in many cases can be the cheapest deal available as well, so a real win-win all round!