Fixed Line Broadband Availability in the Hull Area

Hull is a special case for broadband and telephony due to not being covered by British Telecom. To find out how this affects broadband, read on.

Broadband and telephone lines in the Hull area are supplied by Kingston Communications aka Kcom and the ISP KC. Although Kcom have opened their network to other providers, currently no third party suppliers have found it economically viable to move into the area due to the non-standard cabling Kcom uses.



Hull Broadband Buyers Guide

Most of the fixed line products listed on this site are provided over either a BT phone line or via Virgin Media's cable network, as such these are not available in the Hull area. If you're in the Hull area, your best option for fixed line broadband is Kingston Communication's KC ISP.

Alternatives to KC

While fixed line options are limited, Hull residents also have the option of exploring fixed wireless broadband or mobile broadband.

If you don't wish to go with KC, you could also try mobile broadband deals. A full list of mobile broadband providers that should be available in the Hull area are listed below. Another option is satellite broadband, such as products sold by the Satellite Broadband provider Tooway. These products are available everywhere in the UK albeit with a very expensive connection and equipment cost. However, there are more affordable options available by using 4G Home Broadband from mobile providers such as EE and Three. We've written a guide all about 4G home broadband telling you all you need to know, or you could just skip straight to the deals:


4G Internet supply broadband using the 4G Mobile Networks with a particular focus on more rural locations that can't get a decent fixed-line broadband service. Where 4G signals are weaker or customers want to maximise their 4G broadband performance, they’ll install an external antenna and for those in stronger 4G signal areas, there are router-only options. Contracts are for 12 months with unlimited usage.


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Broadband Shack aren't a mobile provider, though they do supply wireless broadband using the 4G Mobile Network, and are a good option for people who live in 'not-spot' areas who can't get fast broadband over the Openreach network. They offer a range of packages on a 24 month contract with download allowances from 5GB up to unlimited data.


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EE have the widest range of data allowances available, starting at £30 a month for 100GB on an 18 month contract, all the way up to £100 for 500GB of data. You can get the same data deals on a 30 day rolling contract, and just pay the £100 for the home router up front. If you have a mobile contract with them, they'll also boost your mobile data for that by 5GB a month.


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Three offer a range of contract lengths with their Home Broadband router. Data is unlimited on all contract lengths, starting at £20 a month on a 24 month contract with no upfront costs, prices and upfront costs are more expensive on the 1 month and 12 month contracts.


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Vodafone's GigaCube router supports 5G and is available in several cities throughout the UK with more rolling out over 2019, but will still work on the 4G network as well. Choose from 18 month or 30 day contracts with allowances from 100GB to Unlimited.


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