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Make moving broadband easier when you move house with TalkTalk's Home Move Service

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Moving house is a headache, and involves a lot of paperwork, phone calls, and stress even without needing to worry about moving your broadband with you. You could always switch your supplier...but this will subject you to extra setup and cancellation fees, and ultimately prove no less of a hassle. Thankfully, TalkTalk provide a Home Move Service to make this go a lot more smoothly for you. It's all done online, so you can do it at a time to suit you, track the status of the move, and change dates if there are delays. It's also fast, if you have all the details ready already, and if you do the installation yourself, it's free. TalkTalk Home Move Service is there to make moving house that little bit simpler.

Find out more with our handy guide below.

Moving Your Broadband When Moving House With TalkTalk's Home Move Service.


Student Broadband

Heading off to university? Check out our Broadband Guide for Students!

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Whether you're going to university for the first time, or heading back for the next year in your course, you're going to be wanting decent and reliable access to the internet. So much of university life depends on the internet these days, from registering for courses, researching and submitting course work, to arranging social activities and unwinding at the weekends, and it's important for students to be able get a broadband package that takes into account budget, the need for a shorter-lenghth contract, and what students want out of your broadband experience.

Whether you're looking for broadband only, a TV deal, or want a package ideal for gaming, our guide will help you decide what's best for you.

Read our Student Broadband Guide



A guide to TV options: TalkTalk TV vs Freesat Freetime vs Freeview+ HD

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With so many choices for TV packages available for consumers today, it can be hard to decide just what's right for you. Options range from the minimal cost services, like Freeview, all the way up to the expensive multimedia packages with all the bells and whistles from Virgin Media and Sky. If you're looking for something with more options and flexibility than Freeview, but still cheaper than Virgin Media and Sky, then TalkTalk TV may be the solution for you. Check out our handy guide below.

TalkTalk TV vs Freesat Freetime vs Freeview+ HD


Student Broadband

Student Broadband Buying Guide

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Students rely on Internet access. Be it registering for courses, receiving important news via email, downloading course content, researching their subject or submitting coursework, much of their work takes place online. Combine this with their usual online activity and social networking, and it becomes vital that they have a good Internet connection available in their digs.

There's a lot to consider when finding and moving into student housing. Signing up for an appropriate broadband package that's suitable for student use on a student budget can be a daunting task. We've put together a new a comprehensive guide to student broadband to help make the research and buying process easier.

The guide covers issues such as contract length, price, considerations of shared housing and the best packages to choose if you enjoy gaming. It also features ten hand picked broadband deals that are especially suited to student households and looks at the strengths and pitfalls of using mobile broadband for student use.

Read the Student Broadband Guide



Eclipse offer new residential Fibre Optic deals

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Eclipse Internet have introduced a range of new Fibre Optic deals for home users, with download speeds of up to 40Mb and upload speeds of 2Mb. For £5 a month, customers can upgrade to 10Mb upload speeds. Usage allowances range from 10GB to unlimited.

Eclipse Internet Home Fibre 10GB - £21.50 per month
Eclipse Internet Home Fibre 20GB - £25 per month
Eclipse Internet Home Fibre 50GB - £29.50 per month
Eclipse Internet Home Fibre 100GB - £37 per month
Eclipse Internet Home Fibre Unlimited - £59 per month

Installation (worth £100) is currently free on 24 month conracts, with a free router (worth £50) for both 24 and 12 month contracts.



Expired: Sky Broadband offer £25 M&S vouchers with their television packages

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Updated: From 29th September Sky are offering £25 M&S vouchers instead of £50 vouchers.

For a limited period, Sky Broadband are offering £50 M&S vouchers to new customers when they sign up for their Sky+ and Sky+HD television packages.

Sky Broadband Broadband and TV Starter
Sky Broadband Unlimited with TV
Sky Broadband Unlimited with Movies

This offer is in conjunction with current deals offering free Sky+ boxes and free standard setup.