EE Fibre Max 500

Averages 500Mb download speed

While EE offer 4G packages, this is a G.Fast product.


Special offer: 24 months reduced price!
Add calls for from £8.36 per month!

Speed Usage Contract Setup 1st Year Cost

£40.00 for the first 24 months

£48.00 thereafter

annual price changes apply

Truly unlimited 24
Free £480


  • No setup costs
    No activation, equipment or delivery charges (£50 new line engineer charge applies if you don't already have a telephone line installed)

  • Averages 500Mb download speed
    Averages 49Mb upload speed
    Your provider should give speed estimates before you sign up
    Average Speed is the speed achieved by 50% of customers on the same product during peak hours of 8pm to 10pm

  • £480.00 first year cost

  • Truly unlimited download/upload allowance

  • Minimum contract 24 months
    Prices for broadband, line, call plans and call charges increase by the Consumer Price Index rate of inflation published by the Office for National Statistics in January of that year plus 3.9%, annually on the 31st of March

  • Telephone line must be switched to EE, line rental included in the monthly cost

  • Bright Box 2 802.11ac Wireless Router

  • Inclusive £50 early cancellation credit, if you cancel your current broadband contract early to switch to EE, they'll credit your account after your new broadband's setup and you claim on the EE site with evidence that you've had to pay an early exit fee

  • EE Standard Rates

  • Telephone support available between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 8pm on weekends. Free 24/7 online support with Ask the Community.

  • A year's free Norton Security Premium worth £79.99

This page relates to EE home broadband, EE mobile broadband packages are listed separately

EE Standard Rates Call Plan

A 23p connection fee applies to all non-inclusive calls.

There is an 11p/min access charge for 084 or 087 numbers. Service charges for calling these numbers may cost extra, depending on the organisation you are contacting.

Period Local Calls National Calls Mobile Calls 0845 Calls 0870 Calls Freephone Calls
Standard Rates 15.5p/min 15.5p/min 18p/min 11p/min 11p/min Free

About EE

  • Truly unlimited usage available in most areas
  • Truly unlimited fibre broadband services available
  • Competitive phone bundles, including inclusive calls to UK mobiles
  • £50 early cancellation credit if you choose to leave your current provider early

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EE are now offering £50 early cancellation credit if you choose to leave your current provider early and switch to EE Broadband. Just claim on the EE site after you've switched and provide evidence of paying additional fees to cancel before the end of your previous contract.

Reasons to choose EE

  • Fibre packages available - speeds averaging 67Mb available in some areas
  • Ultrafast fibre rolling out in some areas - Fibre Max 2 has an average speed of 300Mb (but has very limited availability)
  • Fibre products come with the cutting edge Smart Hub router with the lastest 802.11ac wireless technology
  • Truly unlimited broadband - you don't have to worry about how much you download each month
  • Free mobile data - get 5GB or 20GB free mobile data when you take a SIM and broadband plan together, or if you're an existing mobile customer with a pay-monthly or SIM-only plan
  • £50 early cancellation buy out for switchers - offered if you're still within your contract and want to switch to EE

Possible downsides

  • No standalone broadband available - you cannot get EE broadband without taking line rental from them, too
  • Longer contracts - EE's shortest contracts are 18 months, this may not suit your needs if you intend to move house or will only use the service at certain times of the year
  • Older wireless tech on standard broadband - you get the old Bright Box 1 router, supporting 802.11n wireless tech, on standard broadband deals
  • Annual CPI plus 3.9% price rises - prices for broadband, line, call plans and call charges will increase with the Consumer Price Index plus 3.9% in June 2021, March 2022 and then annually each March onwards

EE details last checked on 2022-08-04